MOCCA is a full featured cashless payment system and canteen management system designed to simplify and enhance canteen and tuckshop operation.

MOCCA can integrate with existing access control systems, utilising existing employee access cards or alternatively biometric identification, that are linked to valid employee accounts. This  
cashless point of sale environment offers a reliable method of payment while also ensuring increased security. MOCCA is locally developed, supported and installed in South Africa as well as in numerous other African countries.

Simply put – it's the most versatile, easy to use, cost effective c
ashless payments software solution out there!

What is MOCCA?

  • MOCCA is a highly efficient, cashless school tuckshop & canteen solution and it allows the school to reduce or eliminate cash transactions at the school tuckshop.
  • Software is locally developed and customised around the needs of the school into an innovative card-less based operation using cards/biometrics. 

Benefits of using MOCCA 

1. Complete transactions effortlessly and quickly 

2. Save time and money by minimising cash payments and payment reconciliation

3. Stock control and inventory management becomes effortless 

4. Improve spending potential by allowing parents to order and pay ahead of time online or through mobile devices

5. Empower the parents by delivering a superior experience that enables them to order and pay for what and when 

6. Change the way school operates & solve the many problems by integrating cashless POS into existing school management and access control systems.

Why switch to the only POS system you will ever need?

Key Benefits 

1. Fully featured Cashless POS/ Canteen Management System 

2. Integrates with existing access control systems, utilising existing employee access cards or biometric identification 

3. Reliable method of payment while also ensuring increased security 

4. Locally developed, supported and installed in South Africa 

The benefits of going Cashless 

The school 

1. Less or no cash premise, less risk of "bullying" and the school being targeted by criminals 

2. Customised design around the needs of the school and can be integrated for other school systems, such as students 

3. Reduce schools admin

The tuckshop owner/vendor 

1. Faster transactions will minimise endless tuckshop queues 

2. Scanning of cards and biometrics can be reduced to a mere 4-5 seconds  transaction per student 

3. User-friendly inventory system with integrated reports allows an in-depth analysis for the tuckshop/vendor 

4. Better stock and cash control allowing the tuckshop owner/vendor to plan and purchase stock in advance, minimising loss of stock and over-spending 

5. User-friendly POS will make parents want to volunteer at the tuckshop. 


1. Don't need to worry sending their child to school stressing about cash being lost or taken 

2. Easily deposit money online or via their cell-phone, anywhere, anytime 

3. Set dietary restrictions and allowances, giving the parent control

4. Set daily limit 

5. Pre-order lunches in advance and change them if need be, giving control to the parent 

6. View what their child has been purchasing and balances 

7. Order other school items 

How does MOCCA work?


Details will be provided to Parents and Staff members to login online and deposit money into their account. 


Can be done via credit card, EFT or via the website using a third party payment provider.


Can also be deposited at the tuckshop till. 


Will be able to purchase at the tuckshop by scanning their card or fingerprint biometrics.